Leicestershire based label Harls&ted is a firm mummy favourite! The brands collection of versitile,stylish and affordable slogan sweatshirts and tees are LOVED by mummies all over the world. A Harls&ted sweatshirt is a timeless item of clothing. Designed by myself and set up in September 2016 whilst on maternity leave, it all started in the back of my kitchen, with just £200 I decided to buy a few sweatshirts and make a few quotes an idea inspired by both Harlie and Teddy. The thought of going back to work and leaving them both filled me with dread so I thought why not try something else and decided to step out of my comfort zone. 
Life as a family of 4 was all I dreamt it would be, both my husband and I looked forward to our future together and watching our beautiful children grow.
Then in 2017, 5 years of being together my husband, father to my two children let me down in the worst way possible, his affair and betrayal literally broke my heart, his actions and no apology was something I had to live and come to terms with. As time went on I grew stronger and with Harlie and Teddy by my side what more did I need, if only they knew how much they helped me through that difficult time.
To Harlie and Ted, 
Thank you x
My journey and life now as a single mummy had only just began and I was determined to turn the bullsh*t my ex had thrown at me into a positive lesson by building a credible and authentic brand my children and I, could one day be proud of.
I have always considered both Harlie & Teddy to be my board of directors and literally couldn’t do this without them 

Being a mummy to  Harlie & Teddy.

Back in 2013 I gave birth to Harlie, pregnancy was a breeze and stress free, labour was labour, painful of course, but a blessing.
From the minute Harlie was handed to me I knew becoming a mother was everything I dreamt it would be. 
She seemed so easy and I felt I took too motherhood straight away. 
She slept through from the start and always had a smile on her little face, I genuinely can not remember a sleepless night or tantrum

So what was all the fuss about?

Then in 2015 I gave birth to Teddy this is when I truly believe I entered motherhood. 
I experienced sleep deprivation and lots of tantrums, at times I thought my head was quite literally going to explode.

How could two children be so different?

Teddy was definitely a challenge and taught me that motherhood was certainly not a breeze by a long stretch. 
Tantrums were daily and his needs for me were extreme.

Teddy has taught me how to be patient and I couldn't be more grateful to him. I’m thankful everyday to be blessed with such a challenging, charming and loving little boy.
He has taught me to stand my ground even on days where it would of been so much easier to just give in. 
I really am raising a gent
Hence the Harls&ted quote
Being a mother to a little boy I want to teach him to lead by example to be polite and have good work ethics teach him how to express himself how to handle wins and losses with dignity and grace teach him that he ultimately has to be the boss of his anger and actions and that his actions and choices have consequences.
Teach him to help without being asked, revive chivalry, give him the tools to make him feel strong and able, build up his self esteem and teach him to not follow the crowd.

As a mother to a little girl I play an important part in raising the next generation of young girls and want to help turn them into the next generation of strong women, teaching her that being authentic is beautiful, being kind is beautiful, being a good person is beautiful and that what’s attractive about her isn’t about looks but about passion.

I hope to pass on a healthy set of values to both of my children but more importantly always teach them to be kind.

Hence the Harls&ted quote

Sending lots of love from one busy mother to another
Lisa x